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Melos GmbH

Printing media

Melos GmbH supplies the solid granulates and other chemical components used to manufacture the extrusion paste processed in the printer. The materials are perfectly matched to ensure the optimum properties for the 3D printing process.

Fraunhofer Institut

Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic Systems Design IEM

FTC 3D GmbH is working together with Fraunhofer IEM as part of a transfer project in the area of “Systems Engineering”. The partnership was established within the framework of the excellence cluster “it’s OWL” (Intelligent Technical Systems OstWestfalenLippe) and focuses on the area of process-optimised tool chains for paste extrusion in industrial 3D printers.

It's OWL

Technology Platform

Strong technology networks drive innovation and are at the heart of progress in the development of new process technologies. It’s OWL provides one such platform and supports the transfer of know-how and interdisciplinary expertise in the areas of software and process engineering.

KonPro GmbH


KonPro GmbH supports customers with a diverse range of engineering services. Its packages include consulting, conceptual support, design, documentation and services for creating top quality printed products.

Beckhoff Automation


Beckhoff Automation supplies automated, PC-based control technology solutions. These applications combine a range of different technologies and permit accurate positioning of the printhead as well as precise control and regulation of the process.